Pedagogy is praxis

Hybrid Pedagogy Inc.

Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. is a non-profit committed to education at all levels, and pursues this commitment through pedagogy, advocacy, and outreach. We hold as key to our success the elevation of the student and the contingent teacher, the proliferation of voices across academe, and the ongoing investigation and creative implementation of critical and digital pedagogies.

History and Values

Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. began as a series of conversations, as early as 2001, between Jesse Stommel, R L Widmann, and Sean Michael Morris. In 2011, Hybrid Pedagogy launched as a digital journal. In its first year, the journal’s educational outreach efforts included a meta-MOOC about MOOCs, THATcamp Hybrid Pedagogy, and Digital Writing Month. Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. formed as an independent non-profit organization in 2013. The NPO has three branches: the digital journal, a new book division, and a consortium designed to build partnerships, host conferences, and provide consulting for individuals and institutions.

The organization is not ideologically neutral. The principles of Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. can be found in the name, but also in the works of critical pedagogues like Paulo Freire and bell hooks. Education happens everywhere, all the time, and so people must be empowered to learn and teach throughout their lives. Founder and CEO Jesse Stommel has said:

“Pedagogy is not synonymous with teaching or talking about teaching, nor is it entirely abstracted from the acts of teaching and learning. Pedagogy is praxis, the place where philosophy and practice meet.”

Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. is not an academic project — is not a Digital Humanities project — though these are playgrounds in which it lives. Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. is, at its core, a pedagogical project. Our work is the work of advocacy — advocating for teachers, advocating for marginalized voices in education, but first and foremost advocating for students and learners.

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The Board of Directors

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Jesse Stommel

CEO | Director

Sean Michael Morris

Sean Michael Morris

COO | President

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R L Widmann

CKO | Board Member

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Robin Wharton

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Christopher R. Friend

Board Member

all learning is necessarily hybrid

Hybrid Pedagogy Journal

Hybrid Pedagogy is an academic and networked journal that combines the strands of critical and digital pedagogy to arrive at the best social and civil uses of technology and digital media in education.

The Hybrid Pedagogy journal was launched in 2011 by Jesse Stommel and Pete Rorabaugh and offers a new academic publishing model influenced by digital culture. As a scholarly journal, we encourage participation in the composition and peer review of articles across disciplinary and professional boundaries. We use what we call “collaborative peer review,” in which members of the editorial collective engage directly with authors to revise and develop articles, followed by post-publication peer review. We invite experimentation and improvisation.

Jesse Stommel, in his article Hybridity, pt. 2: What is Hybrid Pedagogy, explains that: “The “hybrid” in Hybrid Pedagogy does not just refer to hybrid learning. Our goal with this project is, rather, to think holistically about the various hybridities of the modern pedagogue, to think about how we live our real/digital lives in both academic and extra-academic spaces.”

Hybrid Pedagogy actively pushes the boundaries of what, how, and when academic work is published. We’re open to anything related (even loosely) to digital and analog pedagogy, including but not limited to multimedia work, scholarly essays, anecdotal narratives, and practical tips.

Reading and writing are social acts

Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing

Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing seeks to encourage active public discourse by publishing works that are born out of, or facilitate, community (inter)action—works that are crowdsourced or collaboratively authored, openly accessible, encourage remixing and republishing, and/or blur the lines between author and reader.

Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing will develop and share long-form, digital-born works like textbooks, “monographs,” anthologies, and collaboratively authored and/or multimodal texts that leave themselves open to questions, corrections, and commentary. We will explore alternative commercial models that provide for fair compensation, as well as open distribution and access.

For more info. on Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing as this project develops, contact project leads Kris Shaffer and Robin S. Wharton at

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